Johan Abildskov


It's always been in the cards that I would become a teacher, or do teaching in some aspects.

Speaking Experience

Git Merge 2017
I had the pleasure of giving a fun talk called "Jedi Mindtricks for Git". I did the talk at Git Merge in Bruxelles together with my great colleague Jan Krag.
Embedded Day Aars
Embedded Day Oslo
Go home meeting for the Engineering association in Aarhus
Azure Global Bootcamp
Guest lecture at Software Testing at the school of engineering in Aarhus
Track host at CoDe Conf CPH
At customers
As a Continuous Delivery consultant at Praqma I spent a lot of my time on site at customers.

Here I both help with the implementation and technical side of stuff, but I also bring knowledge to groups both small and large.

The journey towards DevOps and Continuous Delivery have been kicked off by me giving a motivational speech.

Teaching Experience

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Hi, I'm Johan Abildskov. This blog describes my adventures in Continuous Delivery, Git Training and teaching.