I’m Johan “RandomSort” Abildskov.

I’m a Continuous Delivery consultant at Praqma.

I spent my working life trying to improve software processes and skills.

When I’m not tied up at my computer doing serious stuff I spent quite a bit of my time tied up at my computer doing silly stuff, like playing semi-competitively Hearthstone.

I like being in front of a crowd, although I tend to be slightly introverted. I’m not claiming it makes sense. Just stating it as a fact :).

I had the honor of hosting DevOpsDays Copenhagen 2018.
I had the silliest of ideas. I wanted to do a song to open the event in a fun and informal way. I hate singing in front of a crowd. I am not capable of carrying a tune, and that embarasses me horribly.
But in the spirit of interesting things happening and my experience as the Master of Ceremonies at TAAGEKAMMERET ( Student Community at the Faculty of Science at the University of Aarhus ), I ended up doing exactly that.

The lyrics and video can be found here and probably serve as a reasonable intuition about how my gears turn.

I tend to do too many things. So as a help for myself to keep some focus I’ve started a page of stuff I’m not currently doing.

I can be found on twitter as RandomSort.