I have a bad habit of starting too many items. As I’m writing these paragraphs I’m struggling not to check if there is a Humble Book Bundle that I am missing out on. I have bought a few (many?)  Udemy courses and completed none, though the first 10% always gets completed!

I feel a bit ashamed of all the stuff that I am currently not doing. I preach many lean/agile/buzzword practices and know by heart that minimizing Work In Progress is a big thing. Time to eat my own medicine.

So here comes a list of stuff I’m not doing.

Computer Stuff

  • I’m not learning Go even though it seems to be a really cool programming language
  • I’m not building a Raspberry Pi based media center, though the Pi right there.
  • I’m not learning how to build stuff with the Arduino kit I bought when I thought I wanted to build a physical version of Keep talking and nobody explodes!
  • I’m not learning Mesosphere (It must be enough that this site is unnecessarily running on a Kubernetes cluster)
  • I’m not learning Ansible (Must. Resist. The. Temptation.)
  • I’m not building any chatbots, even if Aubrey Stearn made it seem awesome
  • I’m not building a generic static website hosting docker image for hosting of any site on Kubernetes
  • I’m not learning C/C++/C#
  • I’m not taking a course in machine learning
  • I will not be pursuing a CISSP certification
  • I will not be pursuing a CEH certification

Music Stuff

  • I’m not taking up another instrument ( Focus should be Bass > Ukulele > Theory > Piano 😛 )
  • I’m not learning to sing
  • I’m not learning how to do sound tech stuff
  • I will not buy an analog bass synth, but the Novation Bass Station II does indeed look awesome

Random Stuff

  • I’m not learning how to draw
  • I’m not going to improve my Speed Cubing skills to beat my current record of 22s
  • I’m not going to finalize my blindfolded cubing attempt ( At halfway there this is one of my more complete works in progress )
  • I’m not learning how to 3D model for 3D printing purposes
  • I will not take my juggling from three to four balls
  • I will not learn how to do a handstand
  • I will not learn Chinese

Gaming Stuff

  • I will not take up streaming again
  • I will not become competitive in CS:GO
  • I will not become competitive in Heroes of the Storm
  • I will not become competitive in Overwatch

I will how ever keep doing random stuff, follow crazy ideas and try to be the best I can be while having a ton of fun!